Her Excellency the 1st Lady of the republic of Ghana, Hon. Regional Minister, The Hon. Minister for Employment and Labor Relations, Distinguished Invited Guests, Fellow Hair Dressers, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is with great pleasure and delight to welcome you our distinguished guests to our 12th Graduation of Apprentices. We are gathered to celebrate the successes of our 230 graduands who have gone through two years of practical and theoretical training undertaken by our association.

The major aim of our association is to ensure standardization of all aspects of our profession to adhere and conform to international standards.

The theme for this year’s graduation, Skills Training: The key to the development of the hair and beauty industry is apt considering the objective of our association.

All organizations today face rapid and often unexpected change. Giving employees the knowledge,skills and training to cope with the change is not just good people management but a pre-requisite to survival and success of both business and individually.

This is the vital role of training in modern organizations. Training, education and development are the three main activities that make organizations and people succeed.

Skill is an ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic and sustained effort to smoothly carry out complex activities or job functions involving ideas.

Training on the other hand is teaching or developing oneself or others. No  longer is training the preserve of specialists, It is an organizational responsibility shared by all those with an interest in making the most out of the human resource.

The number one reason people leave their jobs is conflict with their bosses. Therefore training an employee to get along with authority and with people who entertain different points of view is one to the best guarantees of long term success.

Talent, skill and knowledge alone will not compensate for a sour relationship with a superior, peer or customer.

I therefore wish to take this opportunity to appeal to the government to give us two rooms  at the New Century Vocational Centre for us as a skills training centre.

To the graduands, with the skills and training that you have acquired I want to tell you that a new  and exciting door has opened for you. Enter it and explore with confidence.

Congratulations for making the decision to study Hair and Beauty care. I salute all the teachers and educational committee members who have made this possible through their hard work, commitment and dedication to duty in bringing out quality graduands.

Thank you and God bless you all.


Membership of the Association shall be opened to:


All persons holding Diploma, Certificates and Testimonial from Institutions and Salons who shall apply in writing and accept to abide by the Constitution and Bye-laws of GHABA subject to the approval of such application by the Executive Council at all levels. Continued membership shall be dependent on the continue discharge of all membership responsibilities and liabilities. It shall be renewed annually and members loose their rights and privileges if they refuse to renew their members.

5. Council of Elders

There shall be  a GHABA Council of Elders made up of immediate past National Officers who shall be in Advisory and Consultative capacity to the National Executive Council. The Council of Elders shall serve for two terms of four years each.

2. Mode of Application

Applicants shall be required to complete an application form with two passport size photographs to be submitted with a registration fee to be determined by the Executive Council. The registration fee shall be non- refundable.


Regional, District and Zonal elections shall be held and concluded within four months to precede that of the National Delegates Conference.


The application shall be validated by certificate of membership and National identity card signed by the National President/Secretary only after six months probation.

4. Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership status may be conferred on such a person who in the opinion of the Executive Council has rendered singular services to which the Association is formed to promote